guerrilla goodness: you are loveable…bringin’ it back

February 7, 2012

written in 2010, but we are bringin’ this one back this year because we could all use a little love right about now…

It all started at breakfast. I told her something terrible I said over slices of cheesecake and diet coke at 10am. The dear friend laughed and said. “You’re so loveable!”
“What?!” while grabbing yet another slice.
“You are!” she held firm and told me stories of people being loveable even at their worst, not to mention half of America is wondering if they are loveable on Valentine’s Day.

and it stayed with me….so here we are at Valentine’s Day and a Guerrilla Goodness mission is born from the kind of wisdom that only comes from real love.

Let’s tell our city, in a million tiny ways that we are LOVEABLE!

Here’s the deal:

Grab a pad of post-its or other pretty paper.
Leave your message (it can be anything) of love for someone to find.
Then trust it is found at exactly the right moment by the perfect person.
Guerrilla Goodness bliss!

here are some good GG spots to leave your message:
bus stops
library books
bathroom stalls/mirrors
car windshields
grocery carts
subway seats
dressing rooms
toll booths
the gym
pant pockets
any tiny spot someone might stumble upon

If you decide to join our project in Richmond or some other city, let us know in the comments or upload a picture to the GG Flickr pool or post them on the Guerrilla Goodness Facebook Page.

All is love this Valentine’s Day and I hope you know…you are loveable.

5 Responses to “guerrilla goodness: you are loveable…bringin’ it back”

  1. Love the post-it goodness…. What a perfect time too. Let me see what I can come up with here in SoCal.

  2. […] put many many words into her post,just go read it and watch the video and all.she’d inspire you to be lovable even if […]

  3. Hi Patience,

    I posted about this on my blog today & I’ve included a downloadable pdf of blank love notes that I created (to make spreading the joy even easier)!


  4. […] Guerilla Valentine. This is one Valentine’s Day tradition I can get on board with. You may remember Patience Delgado from a Shine post a few months ago. […]

  5. […] thought of all the sweet things planned for today- the You Are Loveable messages all over, the Cotton Candy Kindness later this afternoon…those are my Give What You […]

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