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February 22, 2012

Thank you so much for sharing both your support and concerns about the I Trust Women project. It is not my desire in any way to be a force of division in the world, it is very much the opposite…and quite honestly, I have no intention of Kindnessgirl becoming a platform for politics in the future. It really just isn’t my thing.

I just know I try to follow my heart everyday…and this particular day, it was loud and I’m not really sure why it was so loud, but it was. I thought about it long and hard as I knew it may even hurt some of you and I would risk losing your presence in this beautiful space. This is a scary place for me to be because I care so deeply, about each of you, and your thoughts and feelings. And in some ways, I still have mixed feelings on the subject too. Yet I am grateful to have a space where I can write, be all of myself and follow my heart, wherever that may be.

I hope we can agree to honor our differences and come back together on new projects that call to each of us, because I believe there will be so many more.

much love,

The I Trust Women project will go from now until 2/29.

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