the writing on the wall…

February 23, 2012

There are times when I am so wound up in my head, the messages have to be so clear and literally written on a wall or a blackboard for me to really take them into my heart. I tell myself I am not this crazy and that these sweet little messages are meant for other slightly crazy friends that happen to pass by too. It’s nice just knowing they are there, because good words are like friends and always fix me right up.

And so the message taped all around my dining room wall this week reads:

There is a plan unfolding…you can relax and trust it…because you are being held by something so much bigger…the CALL and magic you have given your heart to will not fail you, even if you have no idea what you are doing or what will happen next… the amazing beauty of this precious family and life is in the everyday, THIS moment, right here, right now…soak it all in, be the love.

And one call later revealed the work I thought was due yesterday, isn’t really due for a month…and it felt like a huge pile of grace was dumped on my head. I sat at my table and read my message…this moment, right here, right now. So I closed my laptop and let little girls completely school me on what a girly day should be.

We watched the muppets and I made a flower crown with the left over flowers from 100 days- (where Lucy insisted she take in 100 flowers for the 100th day of school).

Lucy made us a delicious lunch of clementines, granola bars, tortilla chips and bananas.

Complete with puppy dog and valentine rocks and left over flowers.

We gardened in dress-up clothes and cowboy boots…well, some of us did.

And we picked lots and lots of weeds, which may as well be picking them out of your soul too…because everything feels sort of better after your hands have been in dirt…or maybe it’s just being the love.

If you are like me and need a message of encouragement of love or kindness to hang on your wall or write on your blackboard, send me an e-mail at and tell me just a smidge of what is happening in your life (or not and I will pull something out of my arse) and I will send you (via USPS) one hand written message with love on my long register tape and maybe, just maybe it will work its magic like mine did today.

This offer will end on Monday, February 27th, or at 50 messages, whichever comes first. (ETA- we are at 50 friends,but don’t worry if you didn’t make it in, there will be more kindness in the future…i promise…in the mean time though, feel free to leave kind messages in the comments for each other)

Hope you are able to soak it all in, whatever it is and be the love.


17 Responses to “the writing on the wall…”

  1. Angee Webb Says:

    Oh my goodness!
    I needed this post today! I think I will use the encouraging saying you have in your dining room as it fits my situation so! Thanks for sharing P!
    xoxo- A

  2. Julie Says:

    Angie was kind enough to send me a Hope candle in a jar, which I keep in my kitchen and light whenever I need to feel that Hope is alive. Lots of family stress, some concerns about changes/layoffs in my work – I could use some encouraging words Patience… to hang on my wall… thanks for this post – Julie

  3. malissa Says:

    I am a nurse out of work for six months. Spending that time encouraging one of my daughters who has three children, two of whom are babies, as she and hubby are getting ready to move. Its been joyful, but i really need to find a job and could use a little encouragement myself! Patience,you are awesome!

  4. Mary Hershey Says:

    What a gorgeous post, Patience. Moved me! My sweet 84 year old Irish mum just fell and broke her hip and is suffering. I am in the WRONG job and am miserable. Crying in the bathroom stall at work most days. Keep asking Mr. Divine to put me on His path so that all that I do brings light. I feel like Lent started in September, not yesterday and I need Easter already!!1 Thanks for listening… your blog is a spiritual elixir!

    Mary H

  5. Patience, how do you do it? Every time? It’s almost like you are in my head. Once again, thank you for such a beautiful post. You encourage me as a mother and as a regular ol’ human. You inspire me to dream bigger. Lately I’ve been doubting myself as a mama. Our oldest son, just turned five, struggles quite a bit socially and emotionally and we really just want to see him happy in his own skin. I recently wrote about it here:

    I’ve been thinking about doing a Lenten Project for myself in addition to what I normally “give up”. (I know, a little late in the game, but) I think I might borrow your idea of writing the hand-written notes. Everyone needs kind words from time to time. I’ll have to let you know how that project goes…

    …and of course it would more than brighten my day to receive a hand-written note from you. Oh, that would mean so much. Thank you for offering it.

  6. zoomaru Says:

    On one hand, I hate to hear that someone is stressing out, but on the other, it’s reassuring to know that others have to work at tranquility too. We over commit to work, to charitable organizations, to kid’s schools, to friends that it can get overwhelming. I find that a little exercise can help, but how the heck do actually squeeze a workout into an already packed day? SERENITY NOW! 😉 everything generally does work out.

    • Jeri O. Says:

      SERENITY NOW! So funny and actually very appropriate…is it the words or the yelling the words that make me feel better? The best part of your comment is the absolutely TRUE statement of everything, generally, does work out…why is that so tough to hold onto. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Anne Says:

    Do not be afraid, you know in your heart that you are doing the right thing, you are…cast your doubt aside…..the world, especially this little part of it is a better place because of you dear girl, Love You!! Anne

  8. janet lamont Says:

    I admit I have had a heavy heart fro some time. Your kind words did a lot for me. Not just kind words, but POSITIVE words. We all need a little of that now and then. And then a friend I haven’t seen in 57 years, and hear from sporadically called me! We had a wonderful visit, and I feel so much better. Being in touch with a “human” was great. thank you for this link. I will pass it along!

  9. Count me in please, lovely Patience 🙂

    Let’s see, at a stalemate for this kitchen design, it has been on hold for three months now. Should be in the house by now but can not decide between two kitchen design. Pls remember the kitchen is the permanent and most expensive room to renovate. Need clarity on this. Want to add to my family and am stuck on how to proceed forward. My life seems to be in limbo, I am stuck and I need guidance how to move forward. I need to establish boundaries on how to leave work at work.

    Love to you,

  10. pathwriter Says:

    Love this post. So true about the weeds. 🙂 Viki

  11. This is such an amazing thing! From one note writer to another, I commend you for such a great endeavor. Just read the Huff Post article about the 1,000 more. Let me know if you need recruits to help write!

    Elizabeth Howard
    Owner of The Cordial Cricket

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