they’re back!

May 15, 2012

photo by Erin Spengeman

Almost everyday I get an e-mail asking about the Kindness Changes Everything stickers my friend and artist Suzanne Vinson created as the beginning of our Soulsisterhood. I am happy to tell you they are back, along with a bunch of new ideas for more art, more soulful living and more kindness in the world. Suzanne and I keep getting together and we’re all, “What if we did this?”, followed by a, “OOOooooo, YEAH! and THIS….” and I leave each talk with a bursting heart and mind. We can’t stop planning and dreaming…and being late for preschool pick-up. It’s so, so sweet…and I am learning so much along the way.

So you can get them here…still the same price ($3 for 5 and we’ll send 5 more for you to pass on) and all funds go into The Soulsister Jar of Kindness to fund more kindness projects.

The jar is almost full… so today we would love to share with you that for our first Kindness event we will be creating a gathering of women for a time of total soul care…for women that are working really hard and have given every last part of themselves, for those that need a space to just be, for women that need a nourishment they don’t even know about, for women that need to receive what they have given…sound like you? We don’t know who or when yet? but we know where and what it will look like…we’ll keep you posted.

Until then, consider this our invitation:

Welcome to the Tribe…a soulsister gathering of care.

AND…on to the new! We also have a 5×5 limited edition print of Kindness Changes Everything  just like the sticker (but bigger) for those that want to keep the kindness a little closer or leave something a little bigger! You can order it here.

AND we wanted to run something by you all! Someone asked us if we would be willing to translate the Kindness Changes Everything into other languages and go global with our sticker love! We thought it was a fantastic idea and started working on it but ran into a few questions…we thought maybe you all could help us.

For all our Spanish speaking/Spanish loving friends (and anyone else that loves to share opinions!):

Does the translation have the same ring and feel?

If we made this into a sticker, would you want to share it? Is there a need/desire?

What is the first word/thought/idea/feeling that came to your mind when you saw it?

Thank you so much for all the sticker love and friendship! We are so excited to see where this next batch ends up and the stories and kindness that will follow!


Suzanne & Patience

8 Responses to “they’re back!”

  1. Erika Says:

    Boom. Purchased. Our morning was not very kind. I needed these plastered all over my house.

  2. Kati Says:

    So very wonderful! I cannot wait to see what comes next from your collaborations. Art + Kindness = LOVE!!!

  3. uvaleg Says:

    I loooooove the blue. But I’m a blue-lovin’kind of girl. Can’t wait to hear what’s next!

  4. Diana Fonseca-Pena Says:

    Patience, I’m so glad you teamed up with your friend Suzanne to do these types of projects. They are so uplifting and wonderful! God bless you guys. You have my support. And btw, the spanish translation is just right. 🙂

  5. Karla Says:

    I love the sticker in Spanish! There are so many Spanish speaking people in my neighborhood and this is a wonderful way to reach out to them in kindness. I think it translates correctly and makes sense. Thank you for the continued motivation to spread love and kindness in new ways!

  6. dianne Says:

    love the blue! and ditto to Karla: we have so many spanish speakers here in Asheville, I’d buy them

  7. gracie rae Says:

    I am going to try and order after my evening walk—I just promoted you on my blog over at Radical Ramblings and Thoughts of a Southern Girl.

    Great idea,
    great inspiration,
    Great art….

  8. love the idea…love the sticker, love the art, love the inspiration and the whole idea….have a great night…I plugged your stickers over at

    I hope you don’t mind—and I love the tribe night

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