the most simple way to love…

June 22, 2012

I am starting to wonder if it isn’t the most simple ways of connection that hold the greatest hope for change and good.

One man knowing deep in his soul and body that growing something green can bring us together and care for our most basic need that every human deserves

One woman believing sharing salad can heal us and bring life

One family calling in the rhythm of an ancient goodness with drums

…and for one sweaty Richmond night, none of it feels so complicated…it’s just a gathering of people in a community garden, eating salad, while kids give wagon rides and take turns watering the plants…and someone gets an impromptu photography lesson and another financial advice…while others that had no plans at all find their way out of their houses to listen to the drums.

…and the space is held unknowingly and yet with so much intention.


…because growth, food and community are the most simple ways to love.

If you live in RVA, you can join us for the garden and salad magic at RVA Salad Fest #2 this Sunday at 7pm at the McDonough Community Garden in Woodland Heights!  Thanks to Duron and Maat for including me!

*these 2 sweet souls had never met but I caught this sweet hug at the end of the night.

4 Responses to “the most simple way to love…”

  1. I love the last picture so much. How incredibly beautiful. Have fun at the salad fest.

  2. janet lamont Says:

    How wonderful to get the children involved…by watering! they know they are nurturing and helping the garden grow! What a great sense of gratitude and proudness when they can eat what they helped grow! And they will treat people like they treated their garden…with loving kindness and nourishment. Love it!

  3. Orisegun Olomidun Says:

    This is beautiful.

  4. Bettina S. Says:

    As I daydream about my next 10 years on this good earth I know that I want to live somewhere where things like this happen. While I’m not sure it will bring me to RVA (though it could!), I am slowly cultivating ideas for how I can bring these kinds of experiences to my own community and neighborhood. Thank you Patience, for sharing with us… it truly is inspiring!

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