color me kind…

July 20, 2012

hey guys, remember this?! I am so excited it’s finally here. If you are running with Team KindnessGirl, we are meeting at the first aid tent (there should be one, I think!) at 7:50 am for a team picture and I have kindness mission packet for you. You can do it at the race or some other time…can you stand it?!

SO excited to see you all! And in true confession form- I, of course, have not kept up with training, so this girl will be walking and running in all the color glory!

If you remember, shoot me an e-mail at to let me know you are coming so I know how many of us there might be.

Thanks everybody….I am almost home!


2 Responses to “color me kind…”

  1. How fun!!! I’m running with the Virginia Bloggers team! Maybe we can all meet up for a picture 🙂

  2. […] a Kindnessgirl Team at Color Me Rad 5K…and a mini-kindness mission after. There was even a ukulele song invitation for the […]

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