the wall that holds your soul…

September 16, 2012

It started with a duct tape obsession this summer. They made Minecraft figures, purses, hats, anything you could ever imagine with the new craze of colored tape. Josiah asked to be paid in rolls of green instead of money for his babysitting gig. So I asked them one day if they wanted to do a duct tape project together, they were way in. So we made a tree. Josiah covered the top with green, Jack made the cherry hearts…the girls held the scissors.

Shockingly, there was very little drama in the whole project…and you should know there is always a little in every bit of family togetherness. We wrote something we loved about each person in our family on the cherry hearts and put it in the corner. I never know what to do with such things when we are done. I only know they are important to do.  This makes for very un-grown up house decor, but I don’t mind so much.

The tree sat in the corner of our dining room that now has just turned into a revolving laundry station. When the kindness tree project was well over,  I was itching for something more.  Something I could see, something grand…but I wasn’t sure what and maybe it had to be grand and big because my soul was in a funk, it was holding all the wrong kind of reflection. Do you ever do that? Does your soul pick up things that don’t belong there? It was desperately needing some re-arranging. It is usually around this time, when you are funkified that the universe drops something in your lap.

I was looking into storytelling photography sessions (more on that soon!) and I came across Image Bearers Photography …oh such loveliness from Sarah. She had a session with the Kliewer family (Lindsey is also a birth photographer) The session was so dear, but my favorite part was a wall of gratitude that the Kliewer family made in their home. *sigh* It held so much.

This was just the thing. The girls and I got to work, the papers flowed…as fast as we could finish one, someone else was shouting out another to add. “Did you put Myle’s animal noises on there? Those are super funny, so grateful for that!” …what about the trampoline?! Did someone add that?”

We. could. not. stop. I thought it might be a work in progress…but we just kept going until the whole wall was filled. …and we ran out of tape. I ran into the night to 2 neighbors to borrow more.

and then each person, wandered in, mid-papering…smiled, and went to bed.  I was alone to finish the last squares.

…and I stood back, looking up and down each row…and started to cry. It’s hard to not be overwhelmed when you are staring at floor to 10ft ceiling holding everything good about your life. …and your soul can only see the beauty before you, literally. …and you can’t stop staring. It becomes all your soul can hold, nothing more. …because nothing more is needed.

…you have it, you hold it.


9 Responses to “the wall that holds your soul…”

  1. Jess Says:

    So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this idea! I need to invite this kind of energy back into my life right now – feeling very full of awesomeness within my person, but not in my home. We need meditative and grateful spaces around us.

  2. Jennifer B Says:

    Oh this is so wonderful! I just started looking around my apartment to see if there’s a space that wants to reflects the things we’re thankful for. Those reminders are crucial to framing my day in a healthy and positive light. I have lots of nooks and crannies holding handmade things that hold our love and our joy, Now we definitely need a space for gratitude. Thanks so much Patience for sharing-I’ve missed commenting here!

  3. Kelly Says:

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  4. Jenna Says:

    beautiful and just the reminder we all need! Gratitude! I’ve been desperately longing for it over here too. ♥

  5. r232WrDr Says:

    What a wonderful creative idea…the children I’m sure really feel like it’s their stories and pictures up there and have real importance…and that sure boosts their self-esteem…Diane

  6. brendamarroy Says:

    How beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Tacy Says:

    Lovely! I think this could help with what we’re going through at my house this week. I’d also like to invite friends to contribute to the wall when the come over. Thanks Patience and family! You guys are fantastic!

  8. […] other ideas include crafting a thankful turkey, making a grateful frame or decorating a wall and displaying them through the whole holiday season. You might also want to start a gratitude […]

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