happy thanksgiving…

November 22, 2012

Feeling particularly full and happy this Thanksgiving morning…and so very grateful. It’s the kind of quiet, deep thanks where all is well in your heart.  Hope you have all you hold dear around you today and if not, that kindness finds you when you need it most.

Much love to you all…

4 Responses to “happy thanksgiving…”

  1. Annie Delgado Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you kindness girl for your fabulous website. It makes my day!

  2. Jennifer Bailey Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Patience to you & your lovely family. I think you are all so kind, loving & amazing. I have those I hold dear around me and I feel so blessed for that. I’ve made a “Gratitude Tree” of branches in a vase on our dining table. Our family has been writing what we are thankful for on small tags with ribbon on them. Then we hang them in the branches of gratitude. I think I’ll keep this all year round. Gratitude and Thankfulness shouldn’t be limited to just one holiday.

  3. Annie De Says:

    Patience, here’s thanks to you! You inspire and bring joy. I am grateful for your way with words and sometimes I pass them on to others when you address a particular situation and I cannot find words of my own. Happy THANKSgiving to you, your family and All!

  4. I love this photo. 🙂

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