what change asks…

April 22, 2013

new me


What change asks of you…

change reveals what you care about the most

change checks your perceptions and judgments

change makes space for you to fall apart, then asks you to get it together

change shows you the path to grieve

change asks you to take a chance or risk

change calls us without our permission

change invites you in… and out

change asks you to stretch in ways you never planned or imagined

change asks us to honor our needs

change invites power or let’s you be the victim, it tells you to decide which one

change surprises you

change leaves no where to hide

change knows our secrets and even the parts we haven’t discovered yet, like our resolve and tenacity

change asks you to widen your heart

change connects our shared humanity

…and whether we survive, celebrate or fight it, it always wins…and where we find ourselves and souls in the midst of it is up to us.

14 Responses to “what change asks…”

  1. This is perfect. Thank you

  2. erika Says:

    oh shit. You just punch me in the heart.


  3. Jen Says:

    “change asks you to stretch in ways you never planned or imagined”

    Oh, but does that one line sing to me. Change is challenging whether it’s for good or ill. I’d never thought I’d be where I am now & can’t imagine where I’d be if it hadn’t been for change. Sometimes it’s settling slowly, comfortably into change like a warm bath. Sometimes it’s being buffeted and shaken about like a strong gust of wind, or sucked underneath like a riptide. Eventually you come out into a gentle breeze or calmer waters. And hopefully there’s chocolate nearby!

  4. dhammadude Says:

    “change asks you to widen your heart”…This one spoke to me. My elderly father is currently _very_ poorly and in recent weeks I have occasionally felt my heart tightening with fear and a sense of darkness as I think about his suffering and the future for him and my mum. Perhaps rather than constricting, I need to try and relax, breathe and open up into the experience.

    Thank you.

  5. KiKi Cutey Says:

    Beautiful. Thanks!

    • Cindy T Says:

      I’ve never been comfortable with change. I like consistancy, but in the long run I’ve learned that consistancy can also lead to being stagnant. I always seem to fight change, but once I give in and know it’s going to happen regardless of how I feel, I accept the change and it is usually for the best. My heart is with you Patience!

      • KiKi Cutey Says:

        I want to thank you for making such a staggering admission. When you share a-ha moments and epiphanies like this it allows other to learn from a place of joy and love instead of pain. If nothing else, that in itself is a blessing. Keep on being a beacon.

        The love in my heart salutes the love in your heart.

  6. Thank you! Needed this today. HUG. The only consistent or constant is change. Most of the times I embrace it. Right now working to help my Mom embrace it too. She has anxiety (moderate to severe) and that makes Change a real Challenge for her and for those around her. Thank you for providing perspective. HUG HUG HUG!

  7. Kristen Says:

    Change is scary for me! This put it in a little bit better light :0) I know that the times that I have gone ahead and let change happen, instead of fighting it, it has always been o.k. I am in the middle of some big changes that are going to be life changing, and it scares me to death to think that I may be making the wrong decisions! But a change is needed, and in my heart I know it will be for the best! But wow!!! Why does it have to be so hard??? I am going to read this again, and maybe again! ha Hopefully it sinks in that change is good, even if at first it really hurts and is scary! Everything happens for a reason, and change is going to happen ….. I guess I need to embrace it! Thanks!

  8. kindnessgirl Says:

    ohhhh…I feel all of you. I don’t like certain kind of change, I loathe it actually…just learning how to find myself in it and my power. Thanks for sharing yourselves everybody….it reminds me that we have each other!!

  9. strokedtolife Says:

    You had me at “change”… Thank you for helping me see beyond the change.

  10. Elizabeth Says:

    I like and need change, but I also find that I only like the change I welcome and invite in. While I always do appreciate the change that comes uninvited in retrospect, I don’t always welcome it in the heat of the moment, so I really like this line: “change asks you to widen your heart”.

  11. Mark Bowen Says:

    Thank you Patience. I feel like you were talking directly to me. This is all very true, not just for me, but for anyone who is going through change. I really do appreciate your kind and truthful words.

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