WomanKINDness: a kindness mission in honor of Nora Gallagher

February 6, 2014

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It’s the nature of things to be vulnerable, the disorder is imagining that we are not. -Nora Gallagher

There are people in the world that when they speak, you lean in, just a little further. I have found over the years they tend to be a little quieter by nature, good listeners and very wise. Nora Gallagher’s writing feels like this to me, there is a weight of knowing, a wisdom from hearing and a depth from serving…all wrapped in a vulnerable honesty that sits true in your bones.

You can see it all here:

She knows the in-between, the mystery of a future unknown and the struggle of finding your way through the unexpected. She lives the beautiful balance of the tenderness of vulnerability and the power of resilience. It made such perfect sense to me to honor her gifts and work through serving fellow women who are trying to navigate their own moments of transition just the same.

Here’s the mission:

WomanKind shared  an opportunity to support Hilliard House—a local nonprofit that provides transitional housing to homeless mothers and their children. Upon moving in to Hilliard House, each family gets a private bedroom and bathroom.  The room is supplied with basic necessities like sheets and towels that the family keeps when they move on to permanent housing.  Don’t you love pretty towels and sheets, doesn’t it make such a difference when you crawl into a beautiful bed at night?!

WomanKind has set a goal of supplying 15 rooms at Hilliard House with basic necessities.

1. We get to shop. I know. Head on over to this Target Registry or go to the store.

If you go to the store: Visit the registry kiosk, click on “Target Lists” and search for the organization name “Womankind.”  Print your list, shop, and be sure to show your checkout attendant your list so he/she can mark off your purchases on the master list.

If you shop online:  when checking out you can choose to have the item(s) shipped to you and bring it to St. James’s, or you can select ‘Ship to Cristi’ to have the item sent directly to Cristi Head, the volunteer coordinator for this WomanKind kindness mission.

In addition to Target registry items, donations of blankets in like-new condition are also welcome. Donations will be accepted in the St. James Narthex on Friday and Saturday (8/9th).

2. Make a Valentine or card. A simple note of love and encouragement will join these sheets/towels/blankets of sisterhood kindness. If you are not attending WomanKind and want your note of love shared, you can leave it in the comments or send it to me at patience@kindnessgirl.com. There will also be a table at WomenKind to make a card or write a note.

There is something about sharing with each other really tangible human needs, a warm bed, a towel to dry your body, a kind word. So glad we get offer this to each other in honor of Nora and the truth that kindness changes everything. 



5 Responses to “WomanKINDness: a kindness mission in honor of Nora Gallagher”

  1. Maria Says:

    There is such power in your words. You continue to inspire me as I travel my journey to touch lives. Thank you!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Thank you for letting us know about Hilliard House!

  3. Bessie Says:

    This is a beautiful and tangible effort and I hope it gains a lot of support. I will be praying for those women and children to be touched and encouraged. Thank you for sharing this need. I will email some encouragement for a card.

  4. Thank you do much for your lovely words!

  5. […] The second kindness mission is in honor of Nora Gallagher, the author of “Moonlight Sonata at the Mayo Clinic,” a book about the uncertainty of her personal health amid a medical mystery. The idea behind this one is: How can we be a support or give when we’re in an unstable place or time? We need people to rally around us and offer practical, real, everyday needs for Hilliard House [a transitional shelter for homeless women and their children]. We’re trying to outfit 15 rooms there. Click here to learn more about this kindness mission. […]

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