stories of humanKIND: hoop dreams

February 16, 2014

hoop dreams

Welcome to Stories of HumanKIND- short stories of humanity held together by hope.

Hoop Dreams

(part 2- it’s really short, I just goofed and hit done on accident!)

*fyi- jack gave permission for me to share this story with us today.

5 Responses to “stories of humanKIND: hoop dreams”

  1. Sharon Russell Says:

    Hi Patience,

    I couldn’t open the files…. wondering if anyone else is having trouble…


  2. Meghan Says:

    Oh that sweet boy . All of you

  3. Sunny Says:

    ok i need helpi am having this prob with my lst2 it won’t go in sencod gear andi have gone through glow plug after glow plug every 5mini just ran lean i no that but every other time i run preaty rich no mattter what i do it keeps killing glow plugsplz help

  4. Interesting reead

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