home to love…

June 14, 2013

my loves


…heading home to my loves after:

experiencing the gentle giants that are the redwoods, they were massive, so tall and had old souls,  yet fragile and so delicate to the touch

finding the courage, dare, and rush of crossing a snowy ridge while on a hike to a spectacular view of Crater Lake

being not quite the same after witnessing such beauty

crash and burning with someone I love

being cracked open in a way I never have before and unable to recover (imagine your inner 6 year old crying, crying, crying)

crying in at least 11 public places (including a white water rafting trip)

falling pretty much to the bottom after carrying too much for too long

releasing (in tears) what I have carried for myself and others for years

having a collective group of people help me

receiving more than I ever have before

finding such gentle truth and clarity at the bottom

still feeling so vulnerable and raw, but more hopeful by the second

having a strange calm and peace resting over me…

now heading home to love…a very messy, tender, and dear…


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