this kindness life…

February 5, 2011

Things are shifting and evolving for me…I’m thinking so much more about kindness as a way of life. Missions, projects, random acts invite us to try on kindness in the most beautiful ways, they help to shift our perspective, sometimes even ignite deeper thought about how we want to live our lives.

Even still, the last few years kindness has pulled me further down the rabbit hole, sometimes showing me her silly side, her strength, her dark, her play, her reflection, her grace, her truth…all of it has revealed my own stumbling heart, my brokenness, my determination, my passion, my resilience, my power,  my despair, my hope, my truth…this kindness life.

SO once a week, I want to share with you what unfolded…and invite you to join me.

in this kindness life:

::mud pies and sand cakes returned

::her first tooth came out, then another

::this required 1/2 hour shrink session/crying/letting go of the beloved teeth (her, not me)

::discovery of tooth fairy joy

::outside bliss moments of warmer air which made kids a crazy kind of happy

::came up with one AWESOME commune neighborhood kindness idea

:: which said idea carried me through lots of work struggles and teary moments

::thoughts about corporate kindness

::thinking about managing people vs. building relationships

::trying to figure out a way to turn problems on their side

:: sweet bread deliciousness

::a full pantry once again

::a reminder that kindness is magic

::finding connection and mending hearts through pure girlieness

::the excitement of being “styled”

::feeling pretty again after a long time

::being pulled completely out of my comfort zone at Zumba

::having enormous fun being terrible at Zumba, laughing so very hard

::trying hard to believe/remember that grace and kindness can find me, no matter what

Do tell me, what happened this week in your kindness life? The comment section is waiting, just for you. (or leave us a link to your blog post)