There are about 57,000 other things I should be doing right now…like answering e-mails for instance! All I can think about is chocolate…and your outpouring of kindness to me from all the O excitement. I feel like I just had a baby, emotionally exhausted and totally blissed out.

So I wrote last night to the Facebook crew (so nice to have new friends, please join us!!):

“GUYS! I think we need some sort of kindness chocolate chain letter exchange…don’t you need a little something chocolatey like right now?”

And you answered because we all need a little bit of something chocolatey…and Laura had an awesome idea of buying a chocolate bar for yourself and then one for a ¬†friend and passing it on, and on, and on…and I thought that was fantastic…imagining how far the chocolate chain might go! So instead of laundry and an insane amount work, I promptly went out and bought an obscene amount of very lovely chocolate this morning.

So here’s the deal:

1. If you are not totally freaked out to Facebook friend a complete stranger or send me a mailing address to, I will SO happily send you a 2 bars of chocolate- one for you, one for a friend or one for you to leave some where anonymously.

2. Along with the bar, you will leave a little encouraging note asking the next person to do the same.

3. If strangers isn’t your thing, start your own chain! The encouraging news is chocolate is almost everywhere (thank God!)

4. If you are in Richmond and want to join in on the chocolate postal kindness magic or chip in with some bars, contact me and we’ll gather chocolate and mail these babies out together!

I can only imagine what chocolate and kindness can do together!!

(for all the pretty lovers- the sunflower doilies were found at the dollar store! The dollar store, I KNOW!)

ETA on 10/2- I have now reached my chocolate gifting limit loves (100 bars! woohoo!!! if you e-mailed me before the 2nd, yours is still coming), but YOU can start your own chocolate chain!! Do it, it’s so much fun!!!