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I have a new mission for us to do together… below is a video explaining…and I hit publish before I chickened out or went to try to put myself together and re-record.

The MOTHER of all Journals Mission:

1. Leave a comment for me today to share in the journal before we send it out into the world– tell me something you wish someone had told you, your fears, your best (and worst) parenting moments or stories, something funny or shocking, anything you wish you could say but don’t always feel like you can, a note of kindness for another…anything really! The comment can be anonymous or you can send them to me at

2. I’ll write them in the journal and then leave the journal in a public place where I think a mother might find it.

3. When the journal is full, on the last page we will leave the journal’s fate entirely in the last person to find it. They can decide whether they send it back to me to have the collection shared as an art exhibit or online, or they can keep it, OR they can bury or burn it!

4. If you want to start a community journal in your city, here is what we are are writing on the inside and back page to help explain this project:

Inside: The MOTHER of all Journals found you! (yep, you) This is guerrilla kindness project is a collection of advice, confessions, joys, failures, encouragement and kindness from mothers all around our fine city. You can add to it, just read it, curse or bless it, cry in it, yell at it, kiss it, put it next to you like a friend, it’s totally up to you- you know just what to do (and so does it)…the only thing we ask is that when you are done, you leave it in a dry place for the next mother, sister, friend to find. If you aren’t a mother, that’s cool too… you can leave a message to a mom, or tell us how you wish you were one, or share what you think!

Last page: YOU ARE THE LAST PERSON TO FIND THIS JOURNAL…oh my lord, this is so exciting. You get to decide what happens next. Please do one of the following:

1. E-mail to find out an address to mail this journal back to. We will then share all the content online and in an art exhibit- anonymously of course!

2. Keep it for yourself or give it to someone you love as a treasure find!

3. Bury it, burn it…destroy it in a grand and beautiful way!

Whatever you choose, it will be awesome…and let us know at We love you last finder! Kindness Changes Everything!

mother journals-2

Jokes, secrets and poem journals are next…if you want to hide one, hit my e-mail up…OR if you start a journal in another city, let me know too so we can tell our friends in that area to be on the lookout!

*update*- LOTS of goodness is coming into my e-mail box for The Mother of all Journals …lookin’ for a few funny and light lines or stories if you got ’em!