creating kind spaces…

October 2, 2011

Fall found her way to us this weekend so I pulled a folding table out onto the front porch, well, that and the laundry has been folded so nicely on the dining room table (thank you Jorge) for over 2 weeks now. Who knows when the clothes will find their way to the drawers?

So our family is about to take on a new adventure. It’s the kind that will require a bit of sacrifice from each one of us. I have to be honest and say I’ve been dwelling on the sacrifice part all weekend long, with a touch of worry thrown in. I find when I get stuck and need to be in a new head and heart space, the best place to start is my home. Maybe it’s because hope is cultivated in the places we find rest in, our haven.

A dear friend brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the farmer’s market, I carved pumpkin and gourd votive candle holders, we made homemade pizza with pepperoni stars and I wrote messages left on each plate.

The kids took turns reading their messages, the energy shifting little by little, someone made a toast and then Lucy decided we should all make a wish on our pizza stars. Most members wished for more pizza and voila!- more appeared. We talked about all the things that would suck about the changes ahead and all the parts that would be great.

My message said- Our LOVE is BIG and can hold and fuel our dreams!

Boy, is it true. I wonder why I don’t do this more. Invite our worry and uncertainty to a giant beautiful table of humanity and love, with space to voice our concerns but meet them with intentional hope and goodness. I think this may be the way to do hard and great things, along with some pepperoni wishing, of course.

What helps you when you are worried or facing something big? I usually start with a freak out and end some where in something beautiful, eventually.

lyra’s accidental book shelf altar

I found this little altar on the fourth row of a tall bookshelf behind an old red ┬áchair, it seems to be eye level to a toddler. Honestly, what could be better to worship than your sister’s glitter nail polish when you are 2? (well, almost 3)

This is the beauty of tiny altars, they can be tucked away anywhere, holding big truths, the things we hold dear, the places we want to be, treasures from moments past and sometimes reminders keeping us from the edge.

Now more than ever it feels like a time to gather and make a place for the most divine and invite all I need to bless my heart, my family, my loves…to make space for the things that matter, no matter how small.