chihuly magic…

January 5, 2013

chihuly love-26

I love art…I love art so much I would marry it and have bunches of creative babies with it. It grounds me, I go to it when I feel lost, I look to art to help me figure out the parts I can’t express or discover parts I never knew were there.

I often say, “I think art may just save us all in the end.”

I believe it will rescue my city…you can feel a shift even now.

chihuly love

This is why I am so blissed out to have access to so many beautiful works of soul and truth so close to me at The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. There are even moments I feel like I am at a mini-MoMA .

chihuly love-4

I want my kids to know the power of creating, to connect with the artist that lives inside all of us- even the math loving, linear types- art is everywhere, in everything. I want varied art, lots of public and street art to be part of their every day lives. I want museums to feel like home.

So off we went. …and of course there is always the obligatory reciting of the “museum don’t touch” rules first.

chihuly love-3

Chihuly was here…Chihuly is magic and pretty much how small children see the world I bet.

chihuly love-5

They didn’t even mind waiting in line for tickets.

chihuly love-6

It also helped there was a very rad app to play with too. The kids were out of their minds.

chihuly app collage

Some time to kill means a minute to feed children already way past their lunch time… but these are the sacrifices you are willing to make for art- food can wait but it’s kinda nice when you don’t have to…and there is yummy food to eat and something pretty to look through. AND you discover there will be a My Neighbor Totoro showing at this magical place too!

chihuly app collage3

chihuly love-12

…and then the Chihuly magic mixed with the art magic mixed with the family magic…it’s a beautiful thing.

chihuly love-13

chihuly love-14

chihuly love-15

They wandered around in awe of beauty and color…I don’t even think they spoke for a bit.

chihuly app collage2

…and then they did. They had questions of wonder and calculation…how does he DO that?

chihuly love-22

chihuly app4

chihuly love-25

chihuly app5

…and then it’s over and you suddenly wish you weren’t walking to the car.

chihuly love-28

…and you are delighted to hear one kid proclaim that she is going to have a show at the museum some day…which is pretty much the loveliest thing this art lover has ever heard. …and even if she doesn’t, it so nice to know art can light her way.

Find out more about the family programs at VMFA here and don’t miss Chihuly, it’s magnificent!

*just so you know, no one paid me anything, or gave me any free tickets to the museum for this post- just an art girl at heart sharing the loveliest of days.