Having an 8 and 10 year old is definitely a plus in the kindness department, you never know what great idea they will spring on you at any moment. The best part is that you are reminded of all the fun things you did back in the day. Stuff like pouring glue on your hand, letting it dry and peeling it off. ‘Member THAT? Wasn’t it awesome? So Josiah brought back an oldie but a goodie today.

There is nothing better than shooting rubber bands. Josiah discovered the secret message rubber band magic. All you need are some rubber bands and sharpies/permanent markers. The fatter the rubber bands the better.

Simply stretch them out on a book or something you can easily write on. Write a message you need to tell the world, something you need to hear, read or see. I wrote a bunch of tiny wishes on mine. Here are some ideas:

Believe in Love

I believe in you

It can happen, don’t give up

You can do it

Love will find you, don’t you worry

You are amazing

You are so worthy, more than you can ever know

You are doing it

Don’t be scared, JUMP!

You are worth it

Then unstretch, depending how you wrote it, you may or may not be able to read it. My boys think it’s better the more secret message-y you can make them. Leave your rubber bands some place for someone to find. Or even better, SHOOT them some where- only if you are a decent shot though. A rubber band to the face would suuuuccckkkk! My kids are devastated I made them get rid of those rad rubber band guns. It’s okay though, because thanks to the internets, you can make anything out of legos, which are even cooler.

I asked my boys if they thought this was worthy of a kindness mission and they whole heartedly agreed, so now I have a load of rubber bands in my bag and around my arm to leave places*. I thought the mission should be called, “Stretchy Kindness” but they insisted on “Rubber Kindness” which just sounds like some sort of  kind birth control but you know, I’ll take it!

I’m just excited that the kindness ideas seem to have no end and can be found anywhere, even while shooting rubber bands.

*if you are in RVA, you might wanna look around Crossroads Coffee shop!