photo via Color Me Rad

Just one look at this picture and I decided I was in, whatever it was. Color Me Rad is a 5k race where you start with a squeaky clean white shirt and end up like a rainbow- thanks to a different neon cornstarch-ish color raining on you at each kilometer. Can you imagine anything more fun?

My sister begged me to come to her hometown for a CMR race and I was ready to fly there only to find out we were getting a chance to be human skittles here in RVA on July 21st. To top all of that, if you register and put SpecialOlympics in the promo code, our local Special Olympics gets 20% of the race fee. I so love the SO and all they stand for, especially the good people here in RVA.

So here it is, I wanna run, walk, whatever, just do this thing with YOU or a whole crew of us kindness people together! ¬†We are gathering Team KindnessGirl together now because the race will sell out quick. AND I DON”T WANT YOU TO MISS IT!

To make things even sweeter, my bestie and soul sister Jen Lemons and the beautiful Madisen made a singing ukulele invite just for you…it’s Gaga, pink hair, color mania and kindness all rolled up into one magical thing- I can not imagine anything better on the entire planet.

Here it is, to you with love:

Let’s run and play!

Info you need to know to sign-up:

Color Me Rad, Richmond, Va registration

race cost: $35

Team name: KindnessGirl

team captain’s last name: Salgado

If you decide to run/walk with us, let me know in the comments. I’ll have more specific Team KindnessGirl race info soon, including a kindness mission we can do at the race. Can’t wait to see your shining faces!