being human…

June 28, 2011

Me: Have you ever been scared to do or try something?

Him: What you scared of?! (his left eyebrow up, almost reaching the top of his mohawk)

Me: I don’t know…being human? What if I can’t do it?

Him: Miss P, you been human for 30 somethin’ years…what you got to be afraid of? you that old right?

…and just like that, with a smirk and the curl of his lips…the 13 year old broke it all down. It felt as though I had been soul schooled. Humanity allows us to be afraid and brave, it’s triumph and failure,  maybe there is nothing really to lose or reject in ourselves…so many shades and layers, each with its own purpose…

…and we never stop being human…with our 34 and 13 years respectively.