blessing ways and blogging…

June 24, 2004

Oh boy it’s been so long since i had a journal. In the past I have just been incapable of not becoming obsessed. I no longer have enough time but would love to have a place to put my thoughts about my boys, my work, my spiritual journey, my friendship with jorge- my intensity needs an outlet and my writing needs work. We’ll try this out…

Well, I have been attending lots of blessing ways lately. Everytime I turn around someone is pregnant. I totally dig the blessing way thing. It makes me wish we had them at other times in our lives besides giving birth. I mean, who couldn’t use a blessing right? There are so many other times when we as women need to gather around other women and bestow blessings of empowerment, hope and truth. Especially the truths that you can’t see in yourself or need spoken by someone else. To know other people love you and believe in you. I long for an opportunity to create this experience outside the traditional blessing way- i can think of two women right now that could really use the encouragement. how can i do this? maybe a call to celebrate these particular women? – ideas- a backyard gathering on a warm summer night

yummy food

glasses of wine

foot washing- some sort of massage- maybe pedicures?

some sort of art- watercolors?

I think I’ll do this- start something new~

My little group of friends totally rocks at giving a spoken blessing- I have to say I never imagined I would find this in Richmond, Virginia but they are here. and for all their corkiness and craziness they are a dear bunch of women. I am grateful for their friendship and kindness (even if it includes occasional drama- something I am getting good at avoiding).

okay- enough for today. I still have a pickle party to finish getting ready for the kids tonight(for work). They are making pickle people with big Kosher dill pickles and various art supplies.

A pickle spitting contest

Fishing pickles out a bin filled with water using only their feet

Various relays involving pickles

it should be really fun!

more later…


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