Stream of consciousness on Jackie-boy

June 24, 2004

Stream of consciousness on Jackie-boy

Jack has this very Neo-esque way about him. Like he holds this inner wisdom that he shares on very rare and special occasions. It makes a mother wonder what he is thinking constantly. His eyes are fearless and his heart explodes with the need for adventure. He is rarely bothered but has no problem expressing his discontent should the need arise. His smile can melt you like a super power, it’s so strong you instantly forget why you were mad at whatever mischief he seemed to have gotten into. His hug is genuine and kind. My arms wrap around his slender frame while his body rests on my chest. He gives all of himself over for me to hold, total surrender and peace. I envy the person he is. He is so much of what I want to be and am not. He is still a little bit of a mystery and I like it that way. May my little explorer have lots adventures today filled with wonder and delight, may his soul be filled with treasures of joy and passion for what matters most.

Ode to Jackie-boy

big feet

dog lover

friend to josiah


our monkey boy

family mess maker

kind eyes

enjoys barbies

the best snuggler

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