spontaneous parade

June 29, 2004

so yesterday in the middle of cleaning a very messy house I broke out in congo-line beat-

“we’re go-in on va-ca-tion, we’re go-in on va-ca-tion!”

josiah is loving this and says we have to get the drums, maracas and tambourine out. so jackie-boy, josiah and i had a celebratory pre-vacation parade, it was very fun. i was having so much fun when josiah said to me, “mom, i think that’s enough.”

we leave for california and are bound for legoland, jorge’s family and perfect weather. say a prayer it’s a good vacation. after 3 vacations i have finally figured out that they aren’t for resting and relaxing. and while i am philosophically against drugging children for plane rides, i have entertained the thought for jack as i have absolutely NO idea how he will sit on our laps for a 4 hour flight. he is so active!

off to keep cleaning and in honor of ginny hammond, go through my papers!

3 Responses to “spontaneous parade”

  1. Urban Mama Says:

    Have a great time in California! Do you have a portable DVD player you could take on the plane? That could help calm a crazy toddler!

  2. Drunk Glory Hole Says:

    milf xxx

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