hairy bottoms and hope…

July 18, 2004

so while helping a three year old in the bathroom today she busts out with, “you know, my mom has hair on her bottom.” (very matter of factly)

while biting my lower lip as not to laugh i say, “yeah, i guess some mom’s have hairy bottoms.”

she goes on, “but my dad, his hair is falling out on the top of his head.”

“yep, that happens too. i think it’s kinda handsome.”

“me too.” she replies.


ohhh…i needed this commentary. the brutal honesty of a three year old, there’s nothing like it. she hopped off the step after washing her hands with her dress bunched up in the back of her little white panty hose. i quickly fixed her dress as she walked out of the bathroom.


these are my people. this is my call. this is my hope.


the hope…where is the hope in hairy bottoms you ask ? … I mean kids are the same everywhere, even sick kids. some kid in a hospital room somewhere still thinks farts are funny. some other kid is telling the nurse embarrassing information about his parents while she checks his blood pressure. some kid has reached a new level of super mario crash brothers due to hours of sitting in a bed instead of on the floor of the living room. sam is still sam…and this gives me hope. while this will dramatically affect his life and shape the person he is, there are still things about childhood that will always be the same.


jesus, may everyone that meets sam remember this. may they honor his childhood, embrace five year old humor, be gentle with his heart and respect his little soul. 



One Response to “hairy bottoms and hope…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    pache, all i can think of is all the kinky porn kings who are going to find your very anonymous blog because you had the audacity to post something with the title HAIRY BOTTOMS!!! not that i object, but this will certainly add something wholesome and wonderful to that google search. i love it.

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