i’m rejected

July 21, 2004

so like in the 8th grade, i was in a very cheesy church play where i had to sing this very emotional ballad,

“i’m accepted, i’m accepted by the one who matters most.”

the character in the play was struggling with insecurity among her peers (obviously from the song)

my dear friend george (god rest his soul) thought it was hysterical and continuously sang (at the top of his lungs) to me, “i’m rejected, i’m rejected…”

i went to take my car in to get inspected. mind you, the inspection is 7 MONTHS past due and my poor 2003 xterra got rejected. they put a big hot pink rejected sticker in my window. the worst part is it’s my fault from a small fender bender over a year ago. one teeny, tiny little light in the front left side is cracked and big blue gets the ole’ rejecto sticker. the work will cost us $500. this is money we do not have…fuck the state of virginia!

so in honor  of george boone, i sang “i’m rejected” the entire way home in a weak attempt to cheer myself up. george could always make me smile. i know george, jesus and jim morrison (his favorite) were singing with me in heaven.

4 Responses to “i’m rejected”

  1. Urban Mama Says:

    George would’ve loved your post (and the casual usage of the F word). I’m sure you made his day in heaven that much happier today.

    BTW–did you know Catwoman’s character is named Patience?

  2. patience Says:

    really? that is very cool…meeeooow. maybe my name will become trendy now. whodda thought?

    i was so glad you responded to my post, i only wish others knew george so they could really understand this post.

    thanks old friend!


  3. Simi Says:

    aw, maa-yan. (in Andie speak) Bummer. Sorry the state of VA got ya.

    Rick had a car accident on Tuesday. Everyone was fine, no injuries, except to the car. $3500. Owie!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    ughhh..so sorry simi, glad rick is okay. hey, on a side note- i’m so hopin’ you are pregnant. i’m following your chart with the rest of lj! 🙂

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