theology in the most unexpected places

August 6, 2004

my sister (jen) and i have been discussing theology a lot lately. i think i have a passion for opening people’s eyes to the theology in kids and parenting. i really believe our children have loads to teach us about our faith, about who god is, even about ourselves. not in the “all children are gurus, we must worship them ” sort of way, but in a mutual respect manner.

all that to say, i think it goes much deeper than all that. after working on a zine i am writing with jen all day yesterday, i started thinking. it’s in birth, it’s in the oppressed, it’s in the bum that sits on the curb, it’s my old lady neighbor, it’s the cashier at the supermarket, it’s in the powerless.

we go to church thinking or hoping it’s there, we go to the bible and can’t quite always understand, we try to be good hoping it will be revealed by our behavior, we search and search and search…when it’s everywhere around us if we could only wake up. like the movie, i feel wide awake. my sister always says, “the gospel comes from underneath”. i think i’ve always known this in my heart but it feels like some big epiphany today for some reason. it places value on such different things, more to think about…

One Response to “theology in the most unexpected places”

  1. jen lemen Says:

    i think of my resistance to this idea as “oh, god. anywhere but here.”
    why do i insist on boxing the kingdom up? why is this so hard?
    like you said to me this morning, “just open your eyes; it’s all around you.”

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