the best weekend ever…

August 9, 2004

i love that VH1 show the best week ever…it feeds my pop culture hunger and is mindless, like reading an US weekly (my guilty pleasure while sitting at the train table at B&N) from time to time.

anyway…jorge and i had a night at a hotel that i got for him forever ago. it’s a good thing because we are really broke right now so it was appreciated all the more. my sister came down to watch the boys for us. i was really unsure whether jack could make it the whole night so we left it up in the air. we went out for dinner, had drinks with friends, saw a movie, had an amazing night at the hotel (and all that that implies, wink,wink) and came home early the next morning to jackie sleeping peacefully. he was fine, this is very good information for future overnight get-a-ways.

my sister, bil and zinny (the dog) wanted to go to the river so zinny could swim so we all decided to go. the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. the good lord knew we could not take one more day of crappy, humid, summer weather and gave us a taste of fall. i’m already breaking out the dutch oven to whip up a yummy soup. mmm…i can hardly wait.

we climbed out on the smooth rocks almost to the middle of the river and played in the current. i stood on the rock and felt the breeze that only the river knows. i closed my eyes and received the warmth of the sun on my face. it felt like a blessing, like a holy place, the best church.

my boy’s clothes came off on article at a time until pure bliss. they swam, climbed, and threw, all of their senses attended to. this is everything childhood should be.

tears were shed when we left, pleads for five more minutes, but all was quickly forgotten when we got to fuddruckers for lunch. big juicy burgers, thick creamy milkshakes, and great conversation. we headed home and collapsed on the enormous bed in our bedroom- all six of us on 2 queen sized beds. we fell asleep to a distant hum of a neighbor mowing his lawn. too lazy to cut our own, too happy for manual labor today, too busy having the best weekend ever…

2 Responses to “the best weekend ever…”

  1. jen lemen Says:

    sounds perfect.
    i’m ready to get out my dutch oven, too! 🙂

  2. Simi Says:



    What a weekend. So beautiful…

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