art and grief

August 16, 2004

heard some really sad news this week about another internet friend and her little boy whose name happens to be jackson (and just a few months younger than my jack). turns out jackson has a very rare genetic disease, the prognosis is very bad. one to two years…

i felt so restless, unable to even process. my mind constantly on this dear mom and her sweet baby, praying, grasping for some type of hope, just feeling so much grief. it seems like lately everywhere i turn someone is going through a very hard time, this however, is unimaginable. i realized the only way for me to process has been through my art- writing, painting, singing. normally, verbal process would do for me, as long as i had a chance to talk to someone- it could somehow soothe my angst but lately my art has been that outlet. i’ve never really thought of myself as an artist, i’m crafty- good with my hands but not really artsy. it has made really think about all the things i’ve always wanted to do- stain glass, mosaicing…i really need to pursue these things. life is too short to put off the things that will enrich it.

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