the black hole

September 10, 2004

my amazing post about how my husband rocks just got sucked into the blogger black hole…that just sucks ass (jorge is the only one that appreciates my occasional crass humor).

the short of it is….

in the past, i have fantasized about divorce (never with any real intention) but it gets a girl through on a bad marriage day to imagine her dream dude- btw, this guy changes ALL the time.

but lately, i have been surprised by my feelings. i am still (after 6 years of marriage and 12 years together) so very hot for my husband. not just in a jump-his-bones kind of way, but in a i-love-being-your-friend way too

here’s to you jorgina-

“what’s up bitch?”

“we’ll be out in a minute (or 30) boys…”

“we should have a party so we have to clean our house”

that labor day morning- you know which one i’m talkin’ about- oh my stars

“i don’t wanna be the family motivator”

“you order the food, i’ll pick it up”

my foremost teacher on fun

you can trust me (about the money)

getting to sleep next to you in bed

listening to my work drama

letting me research job opportunities ad nauseum

truly thoughtful gifts

your car and the junkyard

that feeling i get when you walk in a room

your schemes

a deep, deep love…


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