writer’s block

September 4, 2004

ugh…i have some serious writer’s block. it’s tied to something deep in me. i need to try to write myself out of this paper bag…it’s frustrating. a topic i know in and out, it’s as easy as breathing in my everyday life but i can’t articulate it. i keep trying while the letters on backspace button are being worn away.

i have something to say, something to share, something i really believe in…but honestly, i feel young, i feel unworthy, uneducated, like i’m not the person that should be writing about my passion. the language is so simple, it should be more technical, i don’t have the mind. i ride on my intuition, it just isn’t enough.

i just can’t get the words out they way i envision in my head. it’s like seeing a picture in my head and trying to paint it but i just can’t even come close. the picture is fuzzy where the strokes should be smooth, the outline is rough where the lines should be round. the message, the thing that moves and stirs your heart just isn’t being conveyed. the window to my soul, the part i want you to really see is distorted.

i don’t know how to solve it…maybe it just isn’t the time, maybe i’m just not ready, i hope it comes, i hope it flows, i really want to find my voice…

3 Responses to “writer’s block”

  1. jen lemen Says:

    this is great writing, pache.
    maybe you should keep writing about writer’s block.
    love you.

  2. Simi Says:

    Oh, Pache. Your voice is beautiful. Besides your amazing spirit, I think it’s why so many people connect with you. You’ll find your way through this block… you really do have so much to offer…

  3. patience Says:

    thanks guys…i instantly felt better after i posted, a purge of emotion i guess. i feel like it just isn’t the time, i’ll get there…i can write about silly things in the meantime.

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