too tired…

August 30, 2004

man, i wish i had something reflective or interesting to say but i got nothin’.

i’ve been on major output the last week or so. i helped my sister throw a snooty d.c. dinner party for 25 (i was “the help”), watched a friend’s little boy all week so she could clean her house for a home visit from a waldorf school to prove her waldorf-worthiness, and i am knee deep in another writing project.

next week is a big week at work- it’s fall kick-off, so i have an insane amount of work to do. i really just want to lay around and watch movies. and eat comfort food…

hope everyone else is having either a very productive or extremely lazy week…

One Response to “too tired…”

  1. Simi Says:

    Major output indeed! Get some rest in there somewhere, k?

    Really stopping to make sure you’re still afloat after the storm since I keep seeing scary pics of Richmond on CNN. Left a note for you in my LJ too…

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