the aftermath of hallows eve

November 1, 2004

shaggy & scooby Posted by Hello

well, halloween is over, the sugar induced coma should hit any moment now…

we all were up during the wee hours of hallows eve. i spent way too much time making costumes and had absolutely nothing ready for church on sunday morning. at midnight, i was working on a handout for the parents about collecting vitamins for an orphanage in russia we support while jack and josiah found my “personal items”.

josiah was pretending the tampons were sticks of dynamite and jack thought the pantyliners were the best stickers ever. hot wheel cars and tampons were flying through the air while jack sorted his pretty pink “stickers”.

this is after a week of making costumes, it was one of those projects that seems simple enough until you are actually doing it.

josiah tried on his green shaggy shirt.

“mom, i think this is too big. i’ll just be a fireman…”

and then there’s jack who earlier had a serious tantrum over the fact that he could not wear his scooby-doo collar because the glue was drying but now wants nothing to do with it. and the tail, jorge said it was too long so i cut it down and then jack was deeply disturbed that there was something hanging off of the back of him…this was his protest in the picture above.

and then somehow the magic of halloween hits. we arrived at the family festival at the church where i work. jack instantly forgot his costume even existed and josiah was mesmerized by the huge blow up slide. they played silly carnival games, ate cold hot dogs and got glow-in-the-dark necklaces that were way too big. they had no interest in entering the costume contest which is really just a parent award anyway. they had a glorious time.

so now we are home in our incredibly messy house thanking our lucky stars for the extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning as we have yet to adjust to the time change.

we love you halloween…

One Response to “the aftermath of hallows eve”

  1. Kate Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I LOVE the tampon story!!!

    Regarding the Scooby Doo collar and tail problems, The Brode had similar issues with his costume. He went as Thomas the Train (I am completely not talented so I took the uncreative route of buying his costume at the store) and the little train face is supposed to stick out on the front of the costume. Brody would get so mad whenever anything touched the front of his costume and made the face collapse. So, of course, putting the glow stick around his neck was not a good idea. He’d get mad that it would push down the top of the train face, so I tried to put the stick on his back but he wouldn’t have that, I tried to put it on the side of the face so it wouldn’t push it down but he wouldn’t have that, I tried to tie it to his pumpkin bucket but no, he INSISTED that it be on the front of his costume and he INSISTED on being mad at it for being there. Finally, we just took it off and put it IN his pumpkin and he didn’t like that either, but he forgot all about it once we got outside. Later, after he had calmed down, I asked him if he wanted it around his neck (it didn’t work very well in the pumpkin because it was buried with candy) and he just wanted it to stay in the bucket. He wouldn’t wear it.

    Whatever. I let it go because he was holding my hand the whole time so I knew he wouldn’t get hit by any cars. What’s with these kids and their crazy ideas?

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