2 against 1!

October 31, 2004

me: jack, i need to change your diaper, come here!

josiah: run jack run! (and shrieking)

jack: runs as fast as he can while laughing

me: i’m gonna get you! (as i tackle jack to the floor)

josiah: i’ll save you jack!

jack: still laughing

josiah is pulling his arm, the diaper is off, jack is wiggling and growling at me (he does this to the cats too)

me: oh, you guys are going down!

n-a-k-e-d jack and josiah run to the bed, tickling ensues

we laugh until it hurts

jack finally gets a diaper

what am i gonna do when they are bigger than me and tag team against me?…i hope there is still tickling and laughing till it hurts…

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