conversations with josiah…

January 7, 2005

josiah trying to persuade me to play legos with him:

j- “mom, please play legos with me.”

me- “you look like you are doin’ a good job all by yourself.”

j- “that’s very nice of you mama, but i NEED a partner, you are my family, you know that?”

me- “okay…”

how could i possibly say no to that, this kid sure knows how to pour it on.

i’m trying to persuade josiah that maybe he, jorge and jack should go to church:

(this was during a parenting freak out moment when i was obsessing that they haven’t had any traditional spiritual formation)

me- “you know, you could go worship in the big church with the other people. maybe go to class and learn about jesus stuff.”

j- “mama i already went there once, i don’t need to go anymore. i know about the jesus stuff already…that church doesn’t know jesus”

so i guess church shopping is on the back burner for a few more weeks…

One Response to “conversations with josiah…”

  1. jen lemen Says:

    oh dear, let’s just hope this blog remains anonymous. i’ve been nearly run out of church for far less searing commentary on the jesus-less state of sunday school.

    don’t worry, pache. by the time our kids are twenty, they’ll be selling willow creek to a nice concert venue, and the cathedrals will be museums. spiritual formation will be something you do at home with your friends or on adventures in nature and solitude.

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