finding my way back home…

February 7, 2005

so sorry dear blog for neglecting you, you are a dear friend. just taking my thoughts, allowing me to express, no expectations…

i’ve been distracted by livejournal for the last few months. it is a place that has history for me. i just watch and read about other people’s (mostly mothers) lives, their experiences, their struggles. the weird things is, i really like all the people individually, but as a collective whole it’s a bad match for me. i get all insecure and frustrated, my kids are older, i care about different things, i hate the junior high feel sometimes. it’s a good place for some probably, toxic for me. i have almost stopped writing completely, this is not good…it’s hard enough for me to write anyway.

so this is a return, a return to art, to thinking outloud with out a need for response or community, at least for right now. some communities are not good for your soul, it’s strange because community is such a positive word for me. mmmm…something to ponder.

ugh…my head hurts.

2 Responses to “finding my way back home…”

  1. Kate Says:

    Regarding LJ: I concur. That’s one of the reasons I don’t visit so often. That, and I have no time.

  2. patience Says:

    Kate!!! i’ve missed you! I have the pic of your boys on my fridge…hope you guys are well. sorry for the continued insurance woes, I loathe insurance.

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