not feeling so lenty…

February 10, 2005

i totally forgot that last night was ash wednesday. this is all sort of new for me, the liturgical stuff, i come from that non-denominational, evangelical, that’sforthecatholics kind of background.
last year we talked about lent with the kids, did some art, it was cool. this year i had already planned a valentine’s party so we just went with that. it came so dog gone early this year too. what’s up with that? easter is right around the corner man. but anyway, i worked all day on the party, i was very excited. i love wednesday night because i get to be with school age kids. i didn’t realize how much i like that age range. i’ve worked with older kids in the past but i always felt more drawn to preschoolers.
i gotta say the night was a little disappointing. there were lots of toddlers and babies, because of ash wednesday. we also had a low turn out from the regulars- there is a family i love, they didn’t come- they just make everything so much fun, a lot less party happening when they aren’t around.
so in the midst of all this- lent, it’s lent! i’m not ready for lent- i’m not even thinking about what i want to give up. i’m still playing catch up from christmas and the zine. my kids are sick again, maybe some painting will help. our poor lord, with all these slackers- thank god he loves the fuck-ups too…

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