vacation in richmond…

July 31, 2006

we were supposed to go to the o.a.r. concert in maryland this weekend. we got the tickets like forever-a-go but our babysitting fell through at the last minute which royally screwed us. we decided to vacation in richmond (in the summer) instead.

we have done this before sans children- let me tell you, there is a huge difference. there were drunken nights and dancing until dawn. leisure breakfasts and museum afternooons, it was magical. with kids, not so much…

some conclusions i’ve come to –

we discovered that the movie monster house is definitely too scary for a 3 year old when jorge had to take jack out 2 minutes into the movie. duh! i know, but he really wanted to try after repeated questioning from us.

we should have gone to a hotel. no matter what we do we can not seem to get cool in our city apartment. it was so miserable, not even cheesy romantic comedies could make it bearable…

it was too hot to even walk around in our neighborhood. we actually drove 5 blocks to our byrd discounted theater to watch over the hedge in hopes of redeeming jack’s bad movie experience. jorge and i slept through the entire movie in the air conditioning.

being “in town” required me to make one stop at work- a place i’m trying to avoid at all costs…

and then right in the middle of our mini-vacation, a big bomb drops. jorge’s parents are separated…*sigh* there are not many times in the last 14 years that i have seen my very best friend sad. like really sad… i am the talk-about-it-until-it’s-processed-to-death kind of sad person whereas jorge is a silent kind of sad person.
it was so hard, i kept thinking about this post and how uncomfortable i am with silence. i just want to do, say, believe, hope- anything that would relieve the pain of the person i love most on this earth. but really, just being together and quiet was what was needed most and i suck at that.

i have to say i’m looking forward to fall, even though there is still a month of summer left.

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