it’s all about the love…

August 16, 2006

i was going to write this very mushy post about my husband and then i read this which made me cry. i don’t even know where to start except that he really gets me. he knows i so very want to be the woman in that song.

jorge has taught me so much this year. it was a particularly good marriage year- we had lucy, we moved to a new place for the sake of adventure, jorge started a new business that energizes him, jorge taught me how to recover a time in my life i thought was over, some sad things happened and we were able to really rely on each other, st. patrick’s day was insanely fun…and the list goes on.

many blessings on you my best friend…we have been given much more than we could ever ask or imagine. ephesians 4:20

you have loved me well, i pray i can return that love in the many years to come.

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