so the kids and i crashed happy hour…

August 18, 2006

i gave jorge this very long speech the other day about how i am so tired of hauling the kids to work with me because well, it’s hard to actually work. as a result of this long, drawn out complaining-about-the-plight-of-women session we decided jorge would watch the kids last night so i could get some uninterrupted hours in.

so where is my husband at 5:30 when i’m on my way to drop the kids off and head in to work? he’s here ….the best little hole in the wall bar in richmond. i’m mildly annoyed although he claims he had every intention of being home by the time we got there. i instantly start planning my “you suck” speech when i had a brilliant idea: we will crash happy hour! everyone, the whole crew- me, a six year old, a three year old and 10 month old respectively.

while i know that buddy’s is like my husband’s inner sacred place, i knew he would probably think it was great that we spontaneously showed up. i was hoping it would have more of a revenge effect but jorge is just too cool for that. not to mention, why shouldn’t i get to have a drink too?

josiah: where are we going mom?
me: we are going to meet papa at a “restaurant”
josiah: oh good, do they have french fries there?
me: ummm….probably, we’ll see…

so we get to buddy’s and i march my myself with a baby on my hip right into the smokey bar. every man in there has a look of instant panic followed by relief that none of the small children actually belong to him. i can see them thanking jesus this is not their wife invading their inner sanctum. i scan the room and i quickly realize jorge is NOT there. where the hell is he?

i tell the kids we are leaving much to every one in the bar’s relief and head outside to call jorge.
i start thinking that he must have felt bad he screwed me over and has gone home to wait for me. not so much….

jorge: hello?
me: where are you?
jorge: i’m at bandito’s
me: what? i thought you were at buddy’s?
jorge: nah, we ended up at bandito’s
me: I’M AT BUDDY’S!!!!!!!
jorge: what!!!????? (laughing while slightly buzzed)
me: we were crashing your happy hour and now you are at bandito’s? you have completely ruined my whole plan of revenge! I’m so pissed!
jorge: (still laughing) you took the kids to buddy’s?
me: you are buying me dinner and drinks.
jorge: no problem baby, i’ll have a long island iced tea waiting for you.
me: see you in a few….
jorge: hey, so are you going to work?
me: hell no!
jorge: (laughing) bye…

why i have not done this before i do not know. we ended up having a great night that just couldn’t end at bandito’s. let’s just say the night ended with good friends drinking on our porch and singing high school musical songs. the days of summer are almost over. i wish we had crashed happy hour forever ago…

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  1. patience Says:

    i will remove your original comment…if you are so concerned about me “as a fellow woman” then you would have left your name.
    i do not entertain false accusations and i don’t even have another blog. get your facts straight before you try to stir up trouble.

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