my letter to the principal…

August 21, 2006

so we are in this horrible waiting game with josiah’s school situation. we literally will not know until the first day of school if there is a spot for him. it sucks royally for me, i hate not knowing. i wrote this letter so the principal won’t forget about us. i was trying to craft a “you really want us” letter but i just couldn’t do it so i went with endearing and pathetic. i think it’s a good description of josiah…

Dear Mr. *****,

We spoke last week regarding my son Josiah who will be in kindergarten this fall. Josiah is first on the waiting list and **** is our district school. While I’m sure the last minute preparations for the school year are enough to make everyone crazy, I appreciate you taking the time to read this e-mail.

I’ve heard you are a face-to-face kind of guy but I figured that it would be completely overboard for me show up unannounced and beg for a spot for my kid one week before school starts. So I sit here with my computer instead knowing that the numbers are already determined and that you have to actually have a spot to offer. The letter is merely for my own mental health I’m sure.

I just wanted you to know a little bit about Josiah so that if a spot should open in that very last dark hour you would have a picture in your head to fill it.

Josiah is a lego artist and is completely obsessed with recycling at the moment. Everywhere we go he insists that he needs to take trash home for a very important project. The little ketchup cups at Wendy’s are necessary for bionicle building, the Cold Stone creamery bowl must be washed out in the bathroom because it would be the perfect top to a submarine, and he insists he will need the cup carrier at Baja Fresh for something although he’s not quite sure what that something is yet. And yes, we are eating a lot of fast food these days.
I keep reminding myself that this form of art is indeed important to his development and we aren’t just hauling a bunch of crap home.

This kid has a killer sense of fashion that involves lots of mismatching and green or red high top converse shoes that have become his trademark.
He is kind and has an uncanny ability to make friends everywhere we go. I sometimes watch in amazement thinking he will never be able to crack the code with the kid twice his age and size but somehow he does. He is very laid back and can adapt to a plan change at any minute but he can also be incredibly persistent once he gets something in his head. He asks why so much, so much that even the former teacher in me gets tired just thinking about it.
He is rarely outwardly defiant but has been known to be passive aggressive on occasion. He loves his brother and sister dearly and is incredibly affectionate. I will really miss his company but am excited for this next step in his life.

I believe that ****** is the place for Josiah and our family. I am particularly interested in the multi-cultural focus as we are an ethnically blended family. The do-gooder in me wants my kid in any place that is participating in a project like Habitat for Humanity where kids can get a hands on experience on what our lives should really be about.

While I know Josiah will be great wherever he ends up, in my head and heart I can see him walking up the steps to ******. We will wait until the very last day of August as per your instruction in the letter we received from you. Much peace and many blessings as you start another year of leading the kids of Richmond to new places of learning and growth.

attached is a picture of josiah…



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