labor day, movie marathons and more…

September 4, 2006

this labor day finds us in true sloth-dom. each room in the house is a different degree of trashed. the morning started with a viewing of the movie jumanji which then turned into a suggestion of zathura and chinese food. i’m sure this is the very definition of relaxation that whoever invented labor day had in mind. i didn’t even know a movies-about-board-games marathon even existed, or could be created by a 6 and 32 year old.

i’m slightly disturbed that we are even in this movie world. tastes are definitely changing, it must be yet another sign that kindergarten starts tomorrow. i’m definitely having one of those my heart is outside of my body parenting moments.
i feel like this chapter is very over and nothing will be exactly the same again. i sound completely dramatic (which i was actually called this morning) i know but i really loved that chapter. you know, the one where you sit around at parks all afternoon, make “projects” involving styrofoam and toothpicks with the cellophane flags at the top, you decide to make chocolate chip cookies on a whim and dance in the kitchen. there is no plan because you never HAVE to be anywhere. you have deep conversations about star wars, legos and what happens when you die.

the smokin’ and jokin’ days are over…jorge has grand plans of taking over the pta, early pick-ups and standing on the sidelines at basketball games. he is coming into his parenting prime while i watch mine fade away. i will follow jorge’s lead as he did mine and josiah will light our path.

“mom, i put my head under the water at the pool and fell asleep all by myself…
we had a happy meal and got toys from leeann and i’m going to the big kid school, my life is so good mom.”

it is a good life, even for the resistant teary mom who will still embrace the next chapter and pray it is as sweet as the last…

One Response to “labor day, movie marathons and more…”

  1. Marmie Says:

    Never loose this entry…may our sweet boy always have a “good life”!!

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