transitions, babies and love….

August 27, 2006

my week started out with a bang. i was offered a new job on monday and accepted it on tuesday, quit my present job on wednesday, told many a friend on thursday and had a big meeting on friday.

somewhere in between a baby was born, jorge traveled and love was tested. all ended triumphantly i must say but made for a very interesting and tiring week.

as we were out shopping for the baby, i ran into an old friend and chatted while my kids waited. my kids were whining and extremely tired, they were so rude even i was embarrased. we still had to head back to my work which couldn’t have been a worse idea considering how grouchy everyone was but i really needed to go. i was railing on them after we left about how rude they were when jackie-boy very quietly in the back said,

” ‘cuse me mama, you know what my body is telling me?”

(*sigh* i’m fully expecting he’ll say chocolate milk or some other “need”. i am so over being a parent today is all i can think)

“my body is saying (here comes the high pitched voice), ‘go to toys work (what they call my job)

this is jack’s surrender, he has given over his will and sacrificed his needs for me. it’s his olive branch.

“thanks jackie.” i say, feeling like such a loser for dragging my kids all over creation to do my errands and do-gooding. did the gift really need to be delivered on a saturday night at 8:30pm and THEN head back to my work? and why, oh why am i trying to finish out so much before i leave.

i think i just feel a little guilty for quitting so close to the busiest time of year for my line of work. or maybe i just want the people close to me to know that i’m not quitting them.

i felt proud of my family though. as much as my kids were making me crazy, they happily picked out presents for the big sisters of the new baby and they apologized for being rude when really i was being a crappy parent.

all that and my marriage was tested by evil in the world, but the most amazing part was we passed with flying colors. it left the kind of high that true love really does conquer all…

so all in all, it was a good week, tiring but good.

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