guilty pleasures of the summer…

June 21, 2007

the last crazy purchase made with the last paycheck
yes, you can come over….adults too!

the candy coated i-can’t-believe-i-LOVE-this CD music of the summer

jorge and the kids are too busy listening to this

obsessed with recipes for this

wish i was drinking this every night
(thank you jen)

just reading this site makes me feel a little cooler – these artists/writers are SO out of my league!
seriously, buy a book/t-shirt combo- you can feel cool too!

taking walks/runs at this very peaceful park

4 Responses to “guilty pleasures of the summer…”

  1. Dave Says:

    Woohoo for the water slide! Has it arrived? Have you tried it out? When are you bringing it up here?

  2. patience Says:

    oh yeah….the sliding days are are lasting until dark. the only thing we are missing is the rum punch.
    we’ll be bringing all the water joy up your way soon.


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