his eye is on the sparrow…

August 20, 2007

my mom in india in 2006

the weather is ever changing in my own spiritual atmosphere, i have found it stormy and unstable lately. some days i wonder if there really is a personal god and others i am fully embracing the comfort of the divine, i won’t even attempt to explain.
my mother however, is steadfast and grounded. i have thought of her all week as she is traveling in the sudan.
when talking on the phone the other day she wondered aloud….

m:”i think i might get there and cry the whole time.”
me: “that’s okay mom, maybe that’s what you will need to do.”
“you can trust yourself mom, you will know what to do and how to be.”

and then i came across this:

i started thinking about the people of sudan and all they have endured, i thought about all the times in my life i have heard someone sing that hymn. people with deep grief, sadness, painful stories.
people that claimed the hope, the words, the promise that something greater than yourself has you in his/her heart even on the darkest day. i thought about my mom, being some divine portion in the flesh. i can only imagine what she is taking in, and how some sudanese woman is becoming her constant friend.

the girls voices are powerful and strong, their playful spirits sound free….may the god of my mother, may the divine mother, may allah watch my mom and those she loves in sudan this night….his eye is on the sparrow.

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