mama-slam championship

August 22, 2007

summer is almost over….i’m so bummed.

to end it properly we are having the 1st ever mama-slam championship. it’s a 3 day event with the winner choosing the pizza place of choice for dinner this weekend- they will choose cici’s, mine would be bottom’s up.
mama-slam is a wrestling, tickling sort of game that was started when jorge had his knee surgery last year. jorge played “blue-guy” (i have no idea how that name came about) everyday since the beginning of children time so we had to find some sort of replacement when he was out for a few months. i think it was started because we could possibly have the most gentle children in america- i actually heard jack apologize to a tree yesterday. it was my husband’s kind way of boyin’ them up and getting out some energy.

mama-slam stuck….i will say it is starting to get more brutal, they are getting stronger in their tag team tactics.

last night’s round goes to the kids….i’m comin’ back tonight. i’m hoping to recruit lucy but she’s only like half a wrestler right now.

wish me luck!

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