soooo 10 years ago….

August 25, 2007

it’s soooo 10 years ago…..but the question is – does it look 10 years ago?
i’m tryin’ to get some promotional gigs to help cover the bills these days. not exactly the bikini rum girl kind of the 18-25 year old variety, it’s more the “would you like a sample of the latest herbal shampoo?”. jorge convinced me i only have to look cute in short shorts, a brand t-shirt and baseball cap. this i can pull off, anything more- i’m toast.

i’ve been searching craigslist daily for something mindless, not a regular gig and decent money. the problem is i need 2 decent pictures of myself, actually i probably need headshots. there’s no way in hell i’m paying for headshots for a job that will pay for preschool tuition and soccer registration, come on!

so while i try to decide if i’m fit enough to pass out snicker marathon energy bars, these are the two pics that made the final cut. let’s hope they don’t laugh at the 10 year difference….

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