Sociology 101

September 9, 2007

Things I learned working for circuit city at the races this weekend as a promotional model (model term used loosely as i am SO not model material):

1. People LOVE big t.v.’s.

2. People are more approachable in a smaller crowd.

3. It’s easier to be blown off in a large crowd.

4. Good eye contact and a smile- they almost always say “yes”.

5. A little advice for guys- sweet pick-up lines go so much further than the nasty ones.

6. Farmer tan lines are the worst thing on god’s green earth.

7. I have never been hit on by so many men with so few teeth.

8. Nascar is big business, sports marketing is very interesting.

9. People watching is fun- especially at nascar.

10. Everybody should have something fun in their lives.

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