being small…

September 11, 2007

“maybe it’s not so bad being small mama.”, jack said while his feet dangle from the park bench.

“really? you think so, why is that buddy?” said the mother wondering where the boy’s thoughts are heading.

“because sometimes you can do big things mama, even if you are small.” said the boy with the big heart….

this little gem has stayed with me working it’s way into my heart. his wisdom spoken over and over again in my head.
i’ve noticed my world getting smaller, quieter. it’s a well deserved rest from trying to live someone else’s dream and discovering mine has been here all along. i was losing the small, the simple, the part of me that found happy in the everyday. playing with my children, picking fruit and flowers, lighting kitchen altar candles, writing the ideas that come from my soul, my kindness work…

the work of saving the world is all around. even the smallest acts of kindness
are the big things my little sage speaks of.

it is here i find my perfect peace…

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