recycle christmas…

October 4, 2007

in case you do not know, you should be thinking about christmas right now. christmas is in full swing at costco, it’s practically nipping at our noses people.

this makes me laugh because ever since i was a little girl, i have thought about christmas in august and september but not enough to actually buy or do anything. it’s more of a fantasy of holiday preparation (just the parts i like of course) and then when it actually comes i tell myself i’m too tired and we should keep it simple.

after some mild obsessing over our local thrift stores, i have a brilliant idea. i think we are having a mostly recycled christmas. i say mostly as to not get all into the rules but keep it fun. if there is something new i really want to buy for my loves, i will.

i recently realized my kids do not care if something is new- they are just thrilled with whatever the thing is. this has become so common that i think they are starting to forget things come in packages.
let’s face it- when you can get a very new looking kids trek bike (with the agee’s sticker) for $25 it’s gotta be better than the crappy wal-mart bike i can barely afford right?

or as a kid when you really believe that the green chuck taylor’s you found will make you run faster and jump higher all for $5…this is a good life.

every visit is like a treasure hunt and i love finding a good deal. what i realized is that there are plenty of nice things (even formerly expensive) that have barely been used. i like to think of it as the ultimate handy me down from the rich relatives.
it feels much less icky on the consumerism monster end and somewhat green even though we are still label shopping. the kids were into it so i think we are good.

so let the recycle christmas begin…

2 Responses to “recycle christmas…”

  1. Synge Says:

    i LOVE this idea, and just may steal it! in the past I’ve usually done handmade holidays, but this year I just don’t really have the time or energy, so recycled holidays sound great!

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