the soulsister’s are back!

November 2, 2007


the girls are back!

this lovely 74 page zine was born out of 3 hour phone conversations (everyday) in august about christmas. we were mothers with little children, it was a feat of creativity and goodness with all it’s beautiful tiny flaws.

the best part was, this little book became the launching point for my sister’s most amazing career of creating art and telling soulful stories. once she started, she never stopped.

so we are re-releasing this little treasure from 2004, slightly revised. it’s a little less jesusy, a little more rock-n-roll.

you can find out more and get your copy here.

but wait, there’s more! i have been bugging jen for years to take her art to candles. i found myself lighting kitchen altar candles to hold my secrets, pain, worry, happy thoughts. i lit it for friends, neighbors and strangers, it is one of my most favorite rituals. jen heard my pleas and created the first of a line of blessing candles. you can check them out here.

may the holiday monster not devour your heart this year, may the season bring peace and a full heart…



2 Responses to “the soulsister’s are back!”

  1. kelly Says:

    YAAAAAY!!!! the soulsisters guide makes me sooooo happy! i can’t wait to buy some and spread the joy. and the candles ROCK!!! i will be a consumer of those, as well. wink!


  2. Ann Says:

    The candles are just wonderful! And I love the zine … I’d love to sell them at the Waldorf store … let’s talk!

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